Vector Solar Earns National Market Share in Solar Engineering Services

In Fall of 2015. Vector Engineers announced that they were addressing a “bottleneck in the solar energy industry.”

Viewed from the perspective of six months performance, growing more than 700% between Labor Day 2015 and Memorial Day 2016, and earning glowing customer testimonials along the way, it appears they knew what they were talking about. Vector Solar has worked itself into a position of national solar structural engineering leadership.

In late summer of 2015, Vector Solar was preparing a respectable two hundred structural certification letters each month for some twenty installers. Recognizing that the solar market was growing rapidly, Roger Alworth, Vector’s Principal Engineer, and Joe Sharp, the company’s Senior Project Manager selected renewable energy industry veteran James W. ‘Jamey’ Johnston to grow the division. He did.

By November of 2015, Vector Solar increased production by more than threefold, preparing nearly seven hundred residential and commercial letters. In May of 2016, the engineers at Vector Solar prepared nearly one thousand five hundred letters for over 100 of America’s leading solar installers. That’s over 700% growth in less than a year.

Based on available national statistics, Vector Solar’s May preparation of nearly 1,500 structural certification letters gives Vector Solar between 5% and 10% of America’s certification letter market. That’s leadership.

Stress Tested Performance: Customers continue to praise Vector Solar. Despite its rapid growth, the company continues to meet its promise of a “single business day turnaround” for residential certification letters.
According to Chris Hall, President and Founder of New York’s Apex Solar, “Vector is an amazing company to do business with … I will continue to introduce our national partners to Vector Solar … they need your [Vector’s] engineering services.”