Why Vector Solar?
Why Vector Solar?

Whether you need structural certifications for one or a hundred jobs, Vector Solar has you covered. Our professional staff, combined with our proven, proprietary systems, enables Vector to deliver affordable, high-volume, rapid, top-quality engineering services. Vector is a responsive, ‘always-ready’ engineering team. 

Solar installers ask, “How do we work with Vector Solar?”

First, we send you an agreement that governs our business relationship, including pricing. Sign it, send it back and our Administrative team sets up your Vector account.

We assign a Vector engineer to your account, and from then on in, all you do is send us your site plan. We’ll perform professional engineering services, which generally take the form of a Structural Certification Letter, but can include custom engineering designs as well.

The job-specific details we need and what our certifications can include are listed below.

Job Specific Information
Job Specific Information

For residential solar retrofit installations, you probably won’t need to change your business processes to work with Vector. You’re already compiling the job-specific information we need:

  • Property — the address of the home.
  • System — panels, racking, inverters, balance of system (“BOS”), etc.
  • Structure — how the house, specifically the roof (framing, pitch, roofing material, rafter or truss size and spacing, etc.) is constructed, where the solar system will be installed, and how it will be connected to the roof.
  • Photographs — roof framing pictures are always helpful, and sometimes required.

Send us this data, and we’ll get to work. If you want a starting point, click below for a site submission form that we created for you. It summarizes the data we need.

Engineering Certifications
Engineering Certifications

Vector is a licensed professional engineering firm that prepares structural and electrical certifications that enable solar installers to get building permits.

Using the job-specific information you supply, your Vector engineer will verify that installing the system conforms to applicable standards, and certifies that, “Based on calculations, which were made in accordance with engineering principles and local building codes, the solar system will not compromise the structural integrity of the supporting structure.”

Depending on the job-specific details, there can be more to the process.

See below for answers to commonly-asked questions.

Ground Mounts, Flat Roof, etc.
Ground Mounts, Flat Roof, etc.

Vector is fluent in the practice of structural and electrical engineering.

If you have a solar job that is more complex than a standard, pitched roof, flush-mount residential retrofit install, we’ve got you covered.

Vector routinely plans, designs, and prepares certifications for ground mount, flat roof, or flat roof/ballasted solar installs.

Naturally, these projects often require more engineering time and analysis than a simple residential job; thus, prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a commercial job you would like to discuss, please call, or send an inquiry via the Contact Us page.

Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers

What calculations are included?

“Standards of Care” differ from region to region and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, California certifications routinely require seismic calculations, whereas other areas concentrate on wind and/or snow loads. Fortunately, because Vector has nationwide experience and a coast-to-coast clientele, we understand regional requirements and standards. We will craft your certifications accordingly.

Do you stamp plans? 

Yes, upon review and if required by the jurisdiction, your Vector engineer will stamp the structural plans that are included in the job-specific information.

Do you stamp electrical plans?

Yes, Vector is partnering with electrical engineers who can stamp your residential or commercial electrical plans in 46 states (as of Spring 2019).

What if calculations show that the roof needs reinforcement?

Vector will design retrofits / reinforcements that will enable the structure to accommodate the system. There can be an additional charge for this service.

What happens if there is a Plans Check? 

If you receive a plans check or an AHJ (“Authority Having Jurisdiction”) expresses questions or concerns, notify your Vector engineer. We will work with you and/or the AHJ to resolve issues so you can get your building permit — that’s just part of the service — no extra charge.

Unanswered question? Need clarification? Use the Contact Us form or call our offices (801-990-1775).