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Vector Solar is a division of Vector Structural Engineering. Founded in 2002, Vector’s areas of professional practice include Commercial, Tract and Custom Homes, Multifamily Dwellings, Signs, Bridges, Industrial, Telecom and Solar.

Vector Engineering Solar Projects: 100,000 and Counting

Late last year, Vector Structural Engineers set up its 100,000th project on behalf of a client in the solar installation field. The company, whose solar division was created as a formal part of the organization only five years ago, is now recognized as a national and, with a growing presence in Canada, international leader in the solar energy industry.

“We joined the solar market a decade ago,” says Principal Engineer Jacob Proctor, “but we didn’t start solar projects in volume for several years. As we became known in the industry, the business started to grow dramatically – 100-fold in five years.”

The groundwork for Vector’s solar success was laid some fifteen years ago, when the company began to design its own highly interactive online project management system to serve the needs of their telecommunications industry clients. The firm’s IT group has developed a workflow automation template that quickly steps projects through careful review of all engineering issues and suggests cost- and performance-effective improvements. Projects are often turned around in 24-hours or less. Vector has since completed over 20,000 projects for telecommunications companies.

The system could be modified for other, similar sectors, so when the solar boom took off, Vector was ready. Its solar division now employs more than 40 engineers, has, as noted, reviewed over 100,000 projects for U.S. solar installers, which accounts for close to five percent of all U.S. solar installations.

“Engineering,” says Proctor, “is a relatively straightforward proposition. Our clients need two things from us: they need to know the project is sound, and they need to know it in a hurry. We’re proud of our young solar division and its ability to meet those two needs, and we look forward to growing along with the solar industry through the 2020s and beyond.”

About Vector Structural Engineers:

Founded in 2002, Vector Structural Engineers is a full-service structural engineering firm with over 2,500 clients throughout the United States. The company’s areas of expertise include multi-family, residential, commercial, telecom, bridges, industrial, and solar. Services include the design of new structures, the analysis and redesign of retrofit and repairs of existing structures, as well as residential and commercial solar structural certifications. Expert witness experience includes structural defects, foundation settlement, building code analysis, and soil and structure stabilization. Vector’s team includes an increasing number of engineers, a full drafting division, and support staff. The company is headquartered in Draper, Utah, with satellite offices in Mesa, Arizona; Layton, Utah; St. George, Utah; and Tustin, California.

Previous Press Releases

After five years experience (2010-2015) in the solar industry, Vector decided to grow its solar division. In November 2015, Vector announced to the market that it had identified a “pinch-point” that was costing solar installers time and money. 2015, November — Vector Engineers ® Addresses Bottleneck in Booming Solar Industry

By spring of 2016, Vector Solar had grown by over 700%. According to reliable sources, Vector’s engineering team was preparing approximately 5% of the nation’s residential structural certification letters. Added: 2016, May — Vector Solar Earns National Market Share in Solar Engineering Services

Having previously developed a rapid-throughput, high volume professional engineering service for the Telecom sector, Vector understood what the market needed, and was providing it. By blending old school rigor with 21st century tools, technology, and practices, Vector has become one of America’s leading solar structural engineering firms. 2017, July — Vector Structural Engineering Becomes Solar Industry Leader after Issuing over 20,000 Structural Certification Letters to Solar Installers in the Past 12 Months

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