Vector = Value

Whether you need structural or electrical certifications for one or a hundred jobs, Vector Solar has you covered. Our professional staff, combined with our proven, proprietary systems, enables Vector to deliver affordable, high-volume, rapid, top-quality engineering services. Vector is a responsive, ‘always-ready’ engineering team.


At Vector Structural Engineering, we know that when our clients are successful, we are successful, too. Over the years, we have identified four key areas that provide a winning cost-to-value business model. Staying focused on these objectives has made Vector Solar one of America’s leading solar engineering firms.

1. Systems, Processes & Support Teams: Not all engineering firms aim to deliver low-cost, high-quality, fast engineering services. Vector’s management team decided it was an important, under-served niche. Over the years, we developed proprietary job-flow and engineer assignment systems that enable us to fulfill our client’s mission critical needs. As a result, we process your jobs on-time, within budget, and according to specifications.

2. Hard Working, Learned Professionals: You may already know that structural engineers are licensed professionals who understand how the internal and external forces affect a structure. What you may not know is that most members of Vector’s staff have earned a Masters of Science degree, and they continue to pursue their education in structural engineering. They worked hard to get here, and continue to work hard for you and your company.

3. Diversity of Practice: Vector’s areas of practice are sufficiently broad so that our team members stay fresh. This is an exciting environment to work in. On any given day, our structural engineers can be designing the support structure for massive scoreboard and broadcast signs that will be suspended in sports stadiums, homes for one of America’s largest tract home builders, custom homes, bridges and more.

4. Corporate Strength & Timing: Vector Engineers ® is a conservative, well-managed company. We have a healthy balance sheet, have enjoyed strong year-over-year growth, and continue to attract talented engineers.

What’s it all add up to? Vector is America’s Solar Engineering firm.